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Based in Los Angeles, CA, is a team of website and software developers with a focus on lead generating services for business.

Since 2009 we've provided online lead generation services. In 2010, we launched BestSqueezePages which is now used by on over 30,000 domains.

How We Help... BestSqueezePages is an "easy-to-use but highly effective" service that helps any business generate leads, boost sales, and help their business grow. This is what we have for you here at

Squeeze Page Success! - 1 Click setup. Proven squeeze page designs. Loaded with features including autoresponder and hosting.

Our squeeze page service is currently used on over 30,000 domains. It helps to generate leads for a wide variety of businesses including retail stores, restaurants, insurance agents, entrepreneurs, attorneys, Realtors, online marketing professionals, & many others.

Are you looking to generate more leads online? We have the solution at

This is the easiest way for you to setup highly effective & proven squeeze pages.

Take a few moments and review the features of BestSqueezePages. It won't take you long to see how it can help you (not to mention it's also a tremendous value).

We are "Squeeze Page", marketing, & list building experts. Setting up and using 'Squeeze Pages' was the best move I ever made for my business. It generates income, provides instant traffic to my websites, and increased the long-term value of every business I have... Using the same service we provide for you, we have built several email marketing lists of 50,000 and more. Many small businesses contract us to generate leads for them with our online marketing tools. For every user of, we offer free marketing help with video tutorials & free ebooks regarding Video Marketing, List Building, Website Traffic, & Email Marketing.

We show you what works for us & you will find this valuable marketing help inside our "Client Area".

You can learn all about it on See the demo. Check out the templates. Review all of the features. We know you'll be impressed with everything we can provide for your business.

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