2014 Marketing Tip: Learn From These Shark Tank Mistakes

Shark Tank is a TV show that has small business owners looking for investors. They pitch their product and the opportunity. What I like to do is visit the websites of each company after the show airs. I look for one commmon marketing mistake & I find it all of the time.
Reviews Of Shark Tank

Where are the basic lead generating features?

Almost every website I visit from this show fails to have basic lead capture functions on the site.

What I have done is grabbed some examples for you to see. I created a video to point out some mistakes that you can learn from. At the bottom of this page, I also provide a number of resources to use to avoid the common mistake you see from the companies on Shark Tank.

Check out the video and examples below.

Put A Stop To Losing Customers

With a few simple additions you can make any website a highly effective & automated lead-generating machine.

SwimZip.com was on Shark Tank in January 2014. I visited their site and quickly saw the obvious. This is a site that needs help.

Most of the people who visit this site are leaving and NEVER returning. Despite this fact, the business owner has failed to take simple steps to convert more website visitors into customers.

These steps are easy to do.

They are also inexpensive.

What they will these steps do?

They will make it easier for the business to avoid lost sales, boost traffic to thier site, and increase their overall sales.

In the screenshot on the right, I added a lead-generating tab. I explain more about it in the video below.

Example: SwimZip.com - Ecommerce Site Needs Help

Shark Tank Websites

Example 2: Cookie Dough Cafe

Another Shark Tank website that fails to use basic marketing tools. They were on the show on 1/31/14 & their inadequate site has cost them sales.

The Cookie Dough Cafe: Make One Change & See More Sales

Shark Tank TV Show

This site fails to utilize important "Real Estate" on the site. They have a column on the left side that is just sitting there and asking for a lead generation feature. Se we added it for them.

Right now this column is doing nothing for The Cookie Dough Cafe.

We made a fast and easy change to the site that you can see in the screenshot to the left.

By adding a bright orange banner with bold buttons we instantly grab the attention of website visitors. This addition will redirect website visitors to a squeeze page. We do this to build an email marketing list for the business that will be used to promote new products, bring customers back to the site, and boost sales.

See the video for more information on how this will help this business(and yours too).

Marketing 2014

We Use These Marketing Tools

We use Popups, Slideups, Tabs, & Peel Effects for our business. We also use Squeeze Pages & Option Forms too. On this page you can see the "Peel Effect" in action. We also use Popups on several sites including HowToSqueezePage.net
Marketing Tools 2014

Proven Results: The peel effect on our site at BestSqueezePages.com has increased conversions by over 35%.


Resources: Where To Get The Tools You Need

Adding lead capture tools to your website is very easy. It's also very easy to create effective squeeze pages to build a valuable marketing list, boost traffic to your business, and increase sales.

UPcreator.com - 4 Marketing Tools In 1. Creates Tabs, Popups, Peel Effects, & Sliders

3dCoverMaker.com - Creates 3D covers for your websites and squeeze pages.

BestSqueezePages.com - Check out the demo and see how easy it is to create highly effective squeeze pages.

Take Action: Start With Squeeze Pages


Your next step should be to start using squeeze pages for your business. Our service at BestSqueezePages.com allows you to instantly create unlimited squeeze pages. All of it is very easy to setup and manage. Check out the demo and let us show you how to setup your first squeeze page in just a few seconds.

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